Working on "Claimable" Code

Hello All.

I am sorry for the delay in this. We have received many, many request to make the game "Claimable" as they believe it will only be free for a short time and I'll charge for it down the road. 

At this time, however, I have searched and researched and cannot find any option to allow you to "Claim" a game or a game code without doing a one-for-one game key for each user individually. 

I am doing my best.

As soon as the game can be "Claimable" we will make another post letting everyone know. With that being said, if you know how to make a game "Claimable" on itch or if you are another developer/ itch admin please comment on this or message me so I can make this happen for you itch users. 

Thank you.

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Hi thanks for the chance to play your game for free, it's pretty fun =)

I haven't done sales myself here, but here's something to investigate:

Maybe if you find a way to create a sale page like this: then you perhaps get to the option to make it claimable?

Keep doing what your doing. This game is amazing and with all the hard work dedication you have put into it. Just wow!! Thank you <3 <3

Thank you. Yeah we have another update coming out soon with some of the new features people have wanted and we also got a new piece of art that allows us to make the game just that much closer to the Citizens of Antiford world. So, Yay.

Also make sure you get a walkthrough, Specialgeek40, that will help you get out of the starting city quicker and into the rest of the game.

yep is it wrong i want to print it out and have it beside me when i play ;) <3 <3